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Gaiam Tai Chi - Tai Chi Fan Dance: Solo Forms - YouTube

The graceful dance of T'ai Chi movement with the added beauty and flow of the traditional fan Capture the beauty and elegance of this ancient practice with t.

Oh my lord-u-deska

Oh my lord-u-deska

Never apply logic to Who

"Welcome to Doctor Who, try to stay sane. Haha just kidding, that never happens here" lol truth ~Doctor Who

Yes!!!  This happened to me!  And now I do it to everyone else.  (It was actually the first Doctor Who I ever watched.)

My friend watches doctor who and once at PE I suddenly said "are you my mummy?" In a British accent and reaches out to touch her and she ran away while I was chasing her saying "mummy? I'm scared mummy. Are you my mummy?" She was so freaked out

The Abimor

I'm not going to lie, this is a kind of terrifying comic D:

my favorite is how they coordinated the colors used to block out the names and pictures with the colors of a stop light.

Funny pictures about Inspirational sandwich moment. Oh, and cool pics about Inspirational sandwich moment. Also, Inspirational sandwich moment.