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so true

I-I never thought about this. So Relatable! To see more relatable posts, check out so-relatable. for teen quotes, funny posts, and relatable stuff you will LOVE. by desiree

yup thats my best friend and i

I have a problem when something is so funny to me I can't stop laughing! Even an hour later I'm still laughing scence that moment and everyone is just staring at me.

uhhh...... no- oh i cant lie of course i sang that, who didnt?

I kinda hate when people only know that song coz of Pitch Perfect. Ive known this song for ages.

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Yes. Why its always me that got the blame? Mom : so why are you always talking back? Me : (what!

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So relatable was just thinking about this the other day. Yes that is so true

so true.... My Geometry teacher right here

Literally every test in math. And our teacher takes the test with us and then braggs when she's done before us. I'm like, "duh, you had the answer key"

@Alyssa and @de vu IM NOT MOVING TO FRESNO!!! If I was I would tell you! Omg I wouldn't just leave you guys! Sorry I missed school! I miss one day of school and everybody goes CRAY CRAY!! Sorry see you tomorrow!!!!!

so math homework is Mental Abuse To Humans that Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge

for my sweet "horned frog"...who really does study hard all of the time! Proud of you girl!

for my sweet horned frog.who really does study hard all of the time! Proud of you girl!

What's that !

You heard a bunch of stories about me? From someone who hates me? That stuff MUST be true!

so true!! LOL

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