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an orange and white stamp with a man on a bike in the middle of it
@town_squares willing us to increase our passport stamps! For your chance to be featured tag @greatlittleartists or #greatlittleartists…
a stamp with the image of a man on a horse
ETHIOPIE Ethiopia 4 Guerches Menelik II Red Cross Charity Stamp | eBay
an old stamp with the words amber port bedding on it
Amber Fort Bedding
Amber Fort Bedding by Rise Wise on Dribbble
a postage stamp with flowers and the words love usa 22 on it's back
a postage stamp with an image of a bird flying through the sky and clouds on it
graph and compass
bbach82: stampdesigns: Korea postage stamp: bird and pink...
an old stamp with a giraffe on it's front and the words, compagnia de mocambrou
Design Bombs
Mozambique Stamp, Agreement to Transfer Giraffes from Kruger National Park in South Africa to Limpopo National Park in Mozambique 1937
a stamp with a mermaid on it
(7) Evette De Bruin Lombard さんの see the sea ボードのピン | Pinterest
an old stamp with a gold fleur de lis on the front and black background
Austria 1951
a stamp with an ornate design on the front and side of it, in pink
ottoman stamp 1892-1898
an old postage stamp with arabic writing and a crescent in the middle, on black paper
Overprint on Crescent and star 1867 Ottoman Empire Stamp
a stamp with an image of a peony flower on it's back side
More Heirloom Chinese Tree Peonies: 1964 PRC Stamp Series
Pea Green Tree Peony Cricket Hill Garden
a stamp with two apples and an apple blossom on it, in chinese writing that says nippon
切手・趣味の通信販売|スタマガネット 青森版「りんご」62円(単片): 日本切手
Nippon Stamp
an orange and white postage stamp with palm trees on the beach, written in arabic
vintage postage stamps
Sudan Postage Stamp: Tuti islands c. 1941
a postage stamp with a butterfly on it
Butterflies, Insects 25 (1964) - Yugoslavia - LastDodo
1964 Yugoslavia - Butterflies, Insects