Interior Trends 2021

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there are two pictures with different wallpapers in the same room and one has a sign that says textured walls
Textured Walls for 2021/22
Textured walls are a crowd pleaser for interiors in 2021 and beyond. We will see all types of stone, plaster techniques and wooden treatments!
there are many different pictures in this room
100% of voters say no to the more is more idea. It seems that well organised, stream-lined spaces are still top of the list
the flowers are in vases on the shelf next to the clock and other items
Dried Flowers
The public are still in love with the dried flower movement - what's not to love about the soft, neutral aesthetic. Pampass grass full steam ahead!
cork walls in the kitchen, bedroom and living room are shown with different color choices
Cork Walls
Practical, tactile and accoustically beneficial - yet it seems the world is not yet ready for a world with cork walls aesthetic... Let us see
the interior of a modern house with wood accents
Light Wood Interiors
Some experts are suggesting an emergence in darker timbers and furniture for 2021, but according to 85% of voters Light wood is here to stay the distance.
green cabinets in a kitchen with white walls
Green kitchen cabinetry
Green is predicted to be the new Navy in the kitchen world this year. 63% of voters are on board.
earthy colors and textures for photoshopped
2021 Earthy colours & textures
Earthy colours and textures will be King in our 2021 / 2022 home designs and renovations!
there are many different types of furniture in this living room and the same color scheme
70s Nostalgia in 2021
The 70s baby! According to 60% of voters - we will start to see a nod to this fabulous era throughout our homes as we reimagine our personal spaces beyond 2020 lockdowns.
the color scheme is navy, and it's not too blue for this room
Navy Interior Trend 2021
Navy is not going anywhere fast! Not just a trendy kitchen cabinet colour - we will see Navy throught the home this year
the color scheme for greige's grey / beige palettes is shown
'Greige' Grey/Beige
Over 85% of voters are digging the Greige vibe for the new neutral interior colour choice
indoor plants are growing in the corner of this living room and on top of a shelf
Indoor Plants 'Indoor Jungle'
This is one trend that is growing stronger and stronger. 2021 is emerging as a population of plant lovers!
the interior of a cottage is decorated in rustic style
Cottage Core
A 60/40 split on the potential uptake of cottage core for 2021 and beyond. Perhaps there is a growing appetite for creature comforts and connection to nature post 2020
the interior of a living room with blue and white furniture, pink couches and green chairs
Grand Millenial or 'Granny Chic'
72% of voters say they are not in love with this trend
Interior Design Trends 2021/2022
Interior Design Trends. Looking at what's coming next according to the experts for 2021/2022