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a white plate with some black and white designs on the front, sitting on top of a wooden table
the line dance pattern is shown in pink, white and black with swirls on it
Line Dance
Line Dance by Alice Hendon
an image of some drawings on paper with lines and shapes in the middle one is drawn
DIVA Challenge #285 , MySwing - a new tangle and tangeled furniture
a drawing of christmas decorations on a white paper with red and green ornaments around it
Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.
a card with two birds and beads on it
Weihnachtskarten 2017 – Es zipfelt
Weihnachtskarten 2017 – Es zipfelt | KunstKramKiste
a drawing of a christmas tree with red balls
Christmas Classes and the last Challenges of 2017... DC#345 and IAST#223
an image of a tattoo design on the app store's phone screen, which is displaying
What is in the stars for 2016? This year if I feel as though I'm running around in circles, I'm going to stop and remind myself how sparkl...
a black and white drawing of eggs in a circle on a blue background with the words happy easter written below it
Sue's tangle trips
The versatility of 'Jetties' by Sue Jacobs #CertifiedZentangleTeacher
a black and white drawing of some balls
tumbling-balls by sgoetter50, via Flickr
a piece of stained glass with flowers on it
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
Zentangle - 110717. Artwork from Rebecca Kuan - #rebeccasecretbox Welcome to visit my FB Page:…
a drawing on paper with an intricate design
禪繞圖樣-019 Chainging & Punzel+Static +Sedgling-1
a drawing of flowers and swirls on paper
"It's a String Thing" #207 Tiles
This week we concentrated on one new tangle by Jenna Black called Cross-Ur-Heart. One tangle, one string, and each tile brings its own sp...