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McNamara Gallery, Wanganui displays a range of Laurence Aberhart images, and also offers sales of these as well.

Google Image Result for http://www.annestokes.com/fantasy/full/Kindred%2520spirits_%2520by%2520Anne%2520Stokes.jpg

Anne Stokes - Amazing is the only way to describe her artwork that and I love the fantasy theme./ small green dragons in my fantasy world are healing dragons. they are really smaller than this dragon, kitten sized.

7. He still has his slightly embarrassing YouTube channel from before he was famous. | 16 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams

K so I've been trying to find this one of Dylan forever. I'm just pinning it for this video

A little poem: roses are red, violets are blue, it's called the scorch trials not the maze runner two

Maze runner two what's that? Oh the scorch trail? Yeah that is NOT the maze runner two.<<roses are red violets are bluex. It's called Scorch Trials nOT MAZE RUNNER 2

Looking for a clear place within the industry, a clear and 'ownable' identity and clarity on the target market.

Labyrinth Maze: A garden labyrinth. But, a labyrinth is not a maze! Mazes are for getting lost, labyrinths are for finding yourself!