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Russian 2B11 120mm mortar, introduced in 1981 Russia, Border Guard, Gorgeous Scenery, Armed Forces, The Details
Russian 2B11 120mm mortar, introduced in 1981
an old camera and tripod in the middle of a field with other items around it
Ww2 Art, Army Poster, Military Wallpaper, Ww2 History, Ww2 Tanks, History Images, British Soldier
Pinturas II Guerra Mundial
an old telescope is sitting on a tripod
an old green telescope sitting on top of a grass covered field
an image of a diagram of a telescope with labeled parts labelled in spanish and english
Morteros argentinos en Malvinas
an old telescope on a tripod is shown in this black and white photo,
Algunas armas utilizadas en la guerra de Malvinas 1982
an army helmet sits on the ground next to a tripod
Небольшая ошибочка. Сантиметр. Или что из себя представляли 50 мм миномёты времён Второй Мировой. - Альтернативная История