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canning jars with text overlay that reads 75 free canning recipes you can use today
75 Free Canning Recipes for Beginning and Veteran Canners
a person holding a jar filled with some kind of food on top of a table
How To Make Your Own Jarred Minced Garlic – My Budget Recipes
there are many jars with marshmallows in them on the tray next to each other
Canning Butter - The Prepared Page
I am always looking for new ways to save a bit of money and to add to my storage foodstuff. I was unaware you could can butter or margarine! But the price of butter and margarine isn't going down any time soon.
four mason jars filled with pickles and other canned food items, all in different colors
43 Must Try Home Canning Recipes
Canning doesn't have to feel overwhelming! These easy recipes will help you confidently can everything from tomatoes to peaches to pickles to jam and so much more.
the cover of 27 homesteading skills for the absolute beginner, including buttons and sewing needles
Homesteading Skills to Learn While You're Homestead Dreaming
Click through for 27 awesome homesteading skills to learn for beginners... for when you're homestead dreaming! Get ahead of the game and learn some of these homestead skills before you ever have an actual homestead.
jars filled with vegetables and pickles sitting on top of a wooden table next to the words how to start canning food at home
Home Canning For The Absolute Beginner
canning process times and jar sizes with text overlay that reads canning process times and jar sizes
Canning Process: Times & Jar Sizes
How to safely can smaller or larger jars of home-canned food. Learn the canning process for different jar sizes at #SimplyCanning.