4th Grade Language Arts

Fourth Grade Language Arts activities, centers, lessons, games, resources and more. Reading, writing, grammar, and word study.
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Figurative Language PowerPoint
Teach your students about similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeias, hyperboles, personification, and idioms with this figurative language PowerPoint. After being introduced to each literary device, students will identify figurative language within sentences. The file includes a companion handout where students can record their answers.
Capitalization Rules Worksheets: Edit Sentences for Capital Letters
Do your students struggle with remembering the rules related to capitalization? This packet includes 5 worksheets and 1 assessment that focuses on the most common capitalization rules. Students practice rules related to book titles, proper nouns, relationships, regions, job titles, religions, nationalities, languages, and more! Students edit sentences by drawing three lines under letters that should be capitalized. Ideal for fourth and fifth-grade students!
Geometry: Seven Worksheets for Fourth Grade
These seven geometry worksheets are designed for 4th grade students. This worksheet packet focuses on fourth-grade geometry concepts, including lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, measuring angles, and lines of symmetry. Many geometry terms are featured, including types of angles and triangles (acute, obtuse, right), quadrilaterals (parallelograms, rhombus, trapezoid), types of lines (parallel, perpendicular, intersecting,) and general geometry terms (points, lines, rays, and segments).
Inferences PowerPoint
Teach your students to make inferences with this student-friendly PowerPoint. It begins by teaching students how text clues and their personal schema are used to make inferences while reading. It includes practice slides, four fiction reading passages, and two nonfiction reading passages. This inferencing PowerPoint includes test prep elements. After reading each passage, students infer and answer the multiple-choice inference question that follows.
Author's Point of View PowerPoint
Use this PowerPoint to introduce students how to identify the author's point of view and differing perpectives. It includes a companion handout that is available as a printable or digital activity. Students begin by identifying differing perspectives between characters. Then, they advance to reading a passage and inferring an author's point of view. This PowerPoint activity contains 9 practice passages and is ideal for test prep.