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bottle caps- love the rhinestones on the sides. Totally taking this idea.

Add some class to those old bottle caps with this elegant Bottle Cap Photo Keychain craft.

Bijoux de sac

Post-apocalyptic bag decs by Phizzychick. Upcycle of measuring tape, buttons, and attachment accoutrements.

All Things Crafty: DIY "Upcycled" Costume Medals

All Things Crafty: DIY "Upcycled" Costume Medals used costume jewelry pendants, etc. with ribbon. permanent marker to "color" ribbon

Universe is expanding up to 9% faster than we thought, say scientists

The Universe Is Expanding Faster Than Scientists Thought. Illustration showing the three steps astronomers used to measure the universe's expansion rate to an unprecedented accuracy, reducing the total uncertainty to percent.

As America marks Memorial Day, politicians should spare us the saber-rattling and reserve some space for silence

Endless war: Trump and the fantasy of cost-free conflict