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the best ever easy stuffed shells recipe is made with cheese and marinara sauces
Stuffed Shells - The Salty Marshmallow
Stuffed Shells - Jumbo pasta shells are stuffed with the perfect blend of creamy, gooey cheeses and topped with marinara or meat sauce! This pasta is perfect for an easy weeknight or special occasion!
a casserole dish with meat, cheese and lettuce
Taco Pizza - The BEST Easy Dinner Recipe
Taco Pizza is a great as an easy family dinner (you can even make it the night before) or a tasty appetizer. Kids love this recipe and the cream cheese/sour cream “sauce” and spicy taco flavor are a hit with adults too.
a pizza with cheese, tomatoes and other toppings on it sitting on a pan
Taco Pizza Recipe
Taco Pizza is the appetizer for when you just can’t decide between your favorite foods. And now you don’t have to! Taco + Pizza for the win.
a skillet filled with chickpeas and vegetables next to a bowl of stew
21 High-Protein Dinners That Start With a Can of Beans
21 High-Protein Dinners That Start With a Can of Beans
a casserole dish filled with meat and gravy on top of a wooden table
I've never seen my guests enjoy a dish as much as they do this one when I serve it at dinner parties