Wedding dress shadow box

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a wedding dress and bouquet in a shadow box
30 Ways To Display Your Wedding Dress And Accessories
When the big day is over, we have lots of fantastic memories and pics, and your wedding gown and even some accessories can inspire you.
a white dress hanging in front of a framed photograph
Wedding Dress Framing: How to Frame Your Wedding Dress
Frame Your Wedding Dress and Accessories With The Beautiful Frame Company
a white wedding dress is in a silver frame on the wall next to a toilet
Wedding Dress Keepsake Box
Wedding Dress Keepsake Box
an image of a bed in a frame on the floor
Had my ruined wedding dress turned into a beautiful piece of art that I can enjoy and look at everyday..... custom made shadow box and refurbished frame from a flea market... art piece made by a very talented women in Pennsylvania. .
an image of a wedding dress in a silver frame with flowers on the ground behind it
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