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the beatles album is displayed in a black frame
Just finished framing The Beatles First Album, that I pinched off me mam on my last visit home.
a computer on a desk with a dark side of the moon poster hanging above it
Framed Vinyl Records
Level Frames makes ready-to-hang 25.5” x 17.5” frames that contain actual vinyl records of classic albums, such as Dark Side of the Moon and Madvillainy. The album cover is shown in full while the record peeks out of its sleeve. Available in black or white maple frame.
an image of the beatles crossing the street in front of a black and white crosswalk
Framed Vinyl Records
Framed Vinyl Records
a framed album with a cd in it and a painting on the wall behind it
#2 Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, ROCK STAR galleryROCK STAR gallery
an autographed album is on display in a wooden frame with a gold disc
Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bernie Taupin, DaveROCK STAR gallery
an autographed record and framed album are on display
ROCK STAR gallery
ROCK STAR gallery
the who's gold record framed in black and white with an image of a man sitting on a motorcycle
ROCK STAR gallery
a framed cd case with a disc in it
Craig Frames Complete 7x12 CD Display Black Frame with Glass and Matting | eBay
Craig Frames Complete 7x12 CD Display Black Frame with Glass White Matting | eBay
the rolling stones signed autographed album and record with framed photo in black frame
Bono in the cover of Rolling Stone with The Joshua Tree Album
two framed records, one with an album cover and the other with autographed artwork
Un diseño simple hace a tus memorias verse comunes. Hazlas verse espectaculares con una diseño y producción de Memorabrilliant. A sad design makes your memories look common. Make them look spectacular with a Memorabrilliant design!
a gold record with pictures of the rolling stones on it and an award plaque in front
A commemorative set of Beatles gold records gets an update with a chunky black frame to replace a small and dated looking frame in our client's collection.