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the sun is setting over an ocean with boats in the water and flowers growing on the shore
Vibes 🥥🌺🍃🌕
an oil painting of a tropical scene with waterfall and palm trees
a painting of palm trees and people on the beach
Peter Vey — Gallery On Greene
a painting of a white house with blue shutters and flowers in the foreground
Peter Vey — Gallery On Greene
a drawing of a man diving into the water with his feet up in the air
a painting of water lilies and trees
المنشور / X
two white ducks floating on top of a body of water next to another duck in the water
Draw, Beautiful, Ilustrasi, Drawings, Sanat, Easy Drawings, Beautiful Paintings
Sherree Valentine Daines, 1956 | Modern Impressionist painter | Canvas art painting, Painting art projects, Amazing art painting
an abstract painting with flowers in the foreground and clouds in the background on a canvas
farewell to summer, me, acrylic, 2022