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an open window in the side of a cliff with trees growing out of it's sides
Can you work out what is happening here? Kennedy Warne (who wrote the Foreword to The Other Way). This is his favourite photo from the book. Kennedy will be at the free launch event on Friday 26 Aug, at 6 pm in the Aotea Centre as part of the @aklwritersfest. -- #theotherwaybook⁠ #aucklandwritersfestival ⁠ #davidtrubridge
Introducing David Trubridge
Welcome to a sneak peek of David and his work. We'd like a minute of your time and hope to have you come onboard as part of our family. Within our range is a light fit for every space.
two large lamps sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other in an empty room
My Friday
David Trubridge's Baskets of Knowledge, Kete Aonui (left) and Kete Tuauri, 2009 photo by Jennifer Coyne Qudeen
an image of a leaf with the caption's description below it that says, attention designers declaration of care please give us feed back link in bio
I would like to propose a Designers’ Declaration. I would like it to say that we will do no harm and always work for the betterment of all life on Earth. But pragmatically that might have to come later. In the meantime, it may have to be something more li
the light is shining brightly on the table and it's reflection in the water
Nature takes many forms. The Squirt pendant light is shown here, unravelling, as if it's becoming part of the natural world once again.
a lit candle sitting in the snow with mountains in the background
Snowflake is a pendant light that isn't afraid to make an impact. It's creation of intricate patterns is beautiful to behold, be it on walls within a home or, in this case, on the snow.
a lamp hanging from the side of a palm tree in front of some trees at night
Nikau is a wooden light from David Trubridge. It's made from eco bamboo that is renewably sourced and is a kitset product.
the light is shining brightly in the dark sky
We don't recommend you try using our lights underwater...but in the name of a photograph, we couldn't resist! Kina is a bamboo pendant light, more usually known for its spectacular shadow play than its equally alluring underwater qualities.
a large white object sitting in the snow
This white wooden pendant is inspired by the crystalline nature of a snowflake - hence its name.
a light that is sitting in the grass near some tall grass with long grasses behind it
Meet Coral, The Natural Modern Lighting Pendant.
The wooden Reed light is crafted in our New Zealand workshop, ready to add warmth and ambience to your home.
a light that is on in the middle of some plants
Meet Coral, The Natural Modern Lighting Pendant.
Nikau is a native palm indigenous to New Zealand. It is also the inspiration behind the newest bamboo wooden light from David Trubridge. Here you can see Nikau in its natural environment, shining bright in the night.
a lamp hanging from the side of a tree next to a body of water at night
Meet Coral, The Natural Modern Lighting Pendant.
This yellow HInaki pendant light is made from sustainably sourced bamboo. It's also a kitset product, so you can make it at home - or by a river bank...
a light that is on some rocks by the water at night with it's reflection in the glass
Meet Coral, The Natural Modern Lighting Pendant.
Coral is one of our classic wooden pendant lights. Here it is amid a tumble of concretions - spherical sedimentary rocks - on the east coast of New Zealand.