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a pink owl purse sitting on top of a green tile covered floor next to a charger
Porta carregador de celular coruja <3
the process to make a paper plate butterfly is shown in three different stages, including cutting out
We sew potholders + description
an electrical outlet attached to the side of a wall with a cord plugged into it
De l'accessoire... à l'essentiel
L'astuce de cette pochette c'est de permettre à la fois de transporter son chargeur de téléphone, mais aussi de le ranger pendant qu'il se recharge, lui évitant ainsi de traîner par terre...!
a cell phone in a pink and blue purse hanging on a door handle with a charger attached to it
Porta carregador de celular com pap -VEJA VÁRIOS MODELOS - Coisas de Vó
Porta carregador de celular com pap Hoje resolvi postar um porta carregador de celular que fiz, achei bem legal e muito útil, pois celular e carregador sempre estarão juntos .Legal...... aproveite e também faça um para você. fonte- Molde com 34 cm de comprimento x 16,5 com de largura Cortar 2x no tecido Cortar 1x…
several pieces of cloth laid out on top of each other in different colors and patterns
Panos de Prato Xadrez
pano de prato em tecido absorvente, estamparia xadrex e vies. 3 peças por $15,00
blue and white bathroom decor with hearts on the towels
Si eres de las que les gusta mejorar añadirle tu toque personal a las cosas, lo puedes hacer con tus toallas. Esto lo puedes hacer añadien...
two heart shaped pillows on top of a white towel with red gingham ruffles
Simples e bonito
three white napkins with floral designs on them and green ribbons tied to the edges
<p>Veja como fazer um Pano Decorativo de Copa!</p>
three napkins with different designs on them sitting next to flowers and other items in a basket
cute kitchen towels. I need to buy some yo-yo's from A to make these!
the flowers are arranged in rows on the tablecloths and ready to be cut
Aprenda a Fazer Este Laço em Segundos
a mannequin is dressed in white crocheted clothing and a gold crown
a room filled with lots of books and stuffed animals on top of wooden flooring
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love the track lighting, chandelier, color of the walls, and organization! Sewing Heaven! #sewing #quilting #fabrics