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four different shots of various types of syrups on wooden trays with labels that read wash & bleach
Juniper Ridge
Lovely Barrelhead Foods #packaging be sure and take a closer look PD
four honey jars with labels on them sitting next to each other
Identity + packaging for new Danish honey brand HELT which mixes traditional countryside honies with new Nordic superfoods like Sea Buckthorn, cranberry etc. The identity is based on the classic beehive hexagon pattern with every flavour telling a different story on its jar with colours and illustrations.
three boxes of honey are lined up next to each other on a table with an orange and yellow logo
Chía and Linaza Orgánica
The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the few botanic gardens with it’s own bees. The bees produce their honey with the nectar of a unique collection of flowers, resulting in a very refined taste and unique texture. Only 200 pots of the Hortus Honey are produced per year.
three different views of the same black and yellow fliro bottle, one with an orange dropper
Urban Honey Brand
Urban Honey Brand on Packaging Design Served
a honey jar with the words true honey written on it
True Honey Packaging Design by Reno Martin at Coroflot
three different types of boxes with lids on each side and the bottom one is empty
another honey!
Unusual #honey #packaging PD
three jars with black and white stripes are next to each other, one is filled with honey
Nice Package - adomedia
Great black bar color placement to instantly identify the product. Example of a script used sophisticatedly without looking like a wedding invite, and the slight arc gives just the right amount of whimsy. The sans serif text underneath compliments it nicely.
the wooden toy is made to look like an egg
Liberian Girl
Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Bzzz packaging
four different views of an orange and yellow perfume bottle in various stages of being opened
Honey Clover Packaging Concept
Honey Clover Packaging Concept | The 25 Coolest Packaging Designs Of 2013
three jars filled with liquid sitting next to each other
Bee Pure- Organic Honey packaging
Bee Pure- Organic Honey packaging by Line Ask, via Behance Waggle Dance Honey