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I am a novelist...

Novel Confession Reading and watching TV are WORK. /// Whenever I try to convince my family of this they just laugh and say that I can't be a novelist :(

This is a sad truth.

Don't be in a relationship with the old testament "god" he is a murderous, abusive narcissist, and a bloodthirsty, sadistic, criminal asshole who has oppressed and conned humanity for way too long.

Happy -- rare for this time period.

Doing some RA stuff and came across this cutie. “O-o-be (Kiowa) wearing a three-hide dress decorated with elk teeth, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

21 Things You'll Want To Try For Yourself *Immediately*

21 Things You'll Want To Try For Yourself *Immediately*


we run the world: a mix by yours truly, teensweetheart yet another mix of badass girls singing badass songs (includes raunchy pop, angry rock, and sassy alternative) album art: theskinnyartist