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Pop Can Top Bracelet

Rainbow Pop Can Tab Bracelet with Thin Ribbon. An awesome pop can tab bracelet with rainbow ribbon and a black pony bead closure. A bead closure makes this bracelet easy to put on and take off, but will stay put while you're wearing it!on Etsy.

magazine scrap collage on canvas, painted over to leave silhouette

Annie's Top Picks--have kids collage or paint all over canvas and then we place a stencil over it and spray paint over everything else? Make a collage, then place a stencil and paint over it!

Hanging shoe rack with plants, great space saver I am going to try at the flat (if i can find a cheap shoe hanger - it's an american idea)

for growing herbs using a hanging shoe pocket unit.I don't have enough shoes anyway.might as well grow some herbs!

stamped tree trunk

"Tree of Life", a beautiful print created by by Gary, Aaron & Khairul of Degree, featuring animals as the rings of a tree. The lives of animals revolve aro

1) Paint the canvas all crazy  2) Use painter's tape to create a herringbone pattern with some missing  3) Paint over the canvas in white  4) Remove tape and voila!

wall art inspiration: Paint the canvas all crazy like Use painter's tape to create a herringbone pattern with some missing Paint over the canvas in white Remove tape and voila! Very neat idea, not sure about the pattern

Framed scarves

Chris loves the look of framed Hermes scarves and he has spent hours on line trying to find the perfect ones. If you can find some fab vintage Hermes scarves, we would buy those:)Framed vintage Hermès scarves--

Labrinth again..

Labrinth poses with the MINI Hatch featured in his hit video "Earthquake," featuring Tinie Tempah.


Labrinth on set performing

Acid wash

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