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i don't always.... swedish chef ...

Funny pictures about Herdy Dur Mur. Oh, and cool pics about Herdy Dur Mur. Also, Herdy Dur Mur photos.


I love all the fandom ones xD and housespouse, datemate, and the famous one.

Oh my god xD

Awesome teacher to understand. Or genius student to craft that up. but seriously. I've never walked out on bohemian rhapsody, you can't cut that off.

OMG I just died

Hahaha, gay flight attendant out-sasses Arabic princess! "Well honey, in my country I'm called a queen so I outrank you. Tray up, bitch!

Some of the most powerful images ever

Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze. Plus, the look on the boys face in the last picture kills me. Utter happiness for something as simple as shoes.


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Mothers Day crafts for kids

Mothers Day crafts for kids. Can write it on a card or print on gifts like mugs, etc.

The More You Know ... I suddenly feel offended ... yet educated I remember learning that though it was meant to be an insult the American soldiers took it up and found it humorous and would sing it to boost morale. It is an upbeat song :)

Yankee Doodle basically translates into "Americans are such uncivilized dickheads that they could stick a feather in their cap and think themselves fancy.