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im a dude and this guy is good looking.

Men usually don’t like curly hair and women would kill for it. Therefore here we have rounded up the best curly hairstyles for men of this year.

Finn -- "you can't spend your whole life waiting for one adventure. You just gotta start living.

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((ClosedRP)) The night air is kinda cold, Edwin shivers a bit. He'd gone to some big city to find some one from the past. But ended up with a dead end. He sees you on the sidewalk opposite him, and walks towards you. "Hey you, what brings you here?

working hands

How I Like My Men: hard working hands, grease/oil can wash off ahha.

Cliff Jumping in Sacramento. Photo: William Mark Sommer (Auburn, CA.)

Cliff Jumping in Sacramento. Photo: William Mark Sommer (Auburn, CA.