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i love when twenty one pilots meme accounts post cliqueart because it reminds me that i'm not the only one who loves this stuff. but seriously, i am the cliqueart stan. i am willing to fight anyone on this.

New Zealand cooking: "yeah bro dig a really deep whole in the ground and put some rocks in it, but like hot rocks, from a fire, and then chuck some meat in and some veges, and then wrap it all up with wet blankets, and then bury it all. In a few hours it'll all be cooked and it'll be sweet as bro"

The Chinese one yoooo. I feel like that's how it is learning how to cook in an Asian household lmao

Here's to all dads

Here’s to all the dads… I about died laughing at some of these. I love my dad and all his crazy ways :) He would so pull out the head lamp-lol!

Oh! This is too funny! XD

Poor guy<<at least she cares about him, and no, she's not a succubus because succubi literally eat your soul, she did nothing of the sort and if you aren't acting like a creep towards her she will actually do the exact opposite.

The ONLY way to work out!

Me when my jam comes on in the gym. The song that I'm listening to right now totally goes with that dance.

charming life pattern: that's me - quote - when people are talking about ...

This is me when i hear people talking about horses! People have NO idea about horses!