Danielle Aleisha

Danielle Aleisha

Danielle Aleisha
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Decorative Splash Block

Decorative idea for downspouts.love the leaves.looks like a mini garden water feature. We have had on this board how-to make leaves like these.

I really like this door & the entry to it.... think I may go with this idea for our tree stump gnome home.

Elf house on a tree! That would be cute in the garden, especially in the tree over grown with ivy. How about some battery tea lights in the windows during outdoor parties. I hear the fairies/elves whispering "home school project" in my ear.

Tuffits concrete stepping stone mimic the look and charm of vintage accent  pillows. They look like they came right off your grandmother's divan! But  Because they are concrete, these pillows can stay outdoors year-round.

Tuffits: Concrete stepping stones which look like pillows! Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows. Get old pillows, lather with petroleum jelly, cover with plaster of paris. once hardened, remove pillow and fill mold with concrete!

Maybe find a plate with different pictures,  but love the idea.  Maybe add water for a bird's bath.

Lovely fun for my cat in the garden.A moon rock with fish.from: Fish painted on a slate rock.surrounded by river rock.cute for a small garden

Spoon pot plant holder

Hanging Jars Spoon Hangers: A fun DIY project this summer was to put glass jars to good reuse and hang them from old spoons that were formed into hooks screwed into the interior wall of our front porch. They really stand out as you enter.

Unique Bird Feeder made from a hollowed out log.   Putting this on my 'To Do' list.

Log Bird Feeder - 23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds (my note: I haven't looked at all of these, but at least one is a terrible idea. The window birdfeeder -- birds could fly into the glass and hurt themselves.