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Daniella Rochester
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Minions are taking internet by storm there are now everywhere, sharing fun & Love, so we also have more fun for you, here we go with more Funniest Minions Quotes, Enjoy them Shares loading.


Guys, are you tired of not being able to understand the teen gals in your life? A (few) translations from the *original* teen~girls language. (Not guaranteed to be completely accurate)

So damnnnn true (sooooo me)

4 reasons women take so long in the shower: We have lots of body parts to shave Conditioner takes time to soak in Have to let hot water warm up our ice cold souls karaoke

I have no idea if this is correct or not, but that is a great comeback!

Why Didn't You Study? :)- this kids awesome!:)haha- Would it have been easier to study then figure the math for that?