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a body of water in the middle of a desert with trees and sand dunes behind it
Your African Safari: A safari research & planning guide
a picnic with bread, fruit and wine on a blanket in the grass next to a basket
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a white house surrounded by trees and bushes
Delightfully-renovated Somerset West home
there is a sign on the side of the road
Trailrider's Quest
a white house in the middle of some trees and bushes with mountains in the background
Where to go stargazing in South Africa | Getaway Magazine
Anysberg Nature Reserve South Africa. About 4 hours from Cape Town and a top place to go stargazing
there are many flowers that are in the vase and on the table next to some food
a herd of sheep walking down a road next to a person in the middle of nowhere
Safari Ostrich
Sheep in the #Great #Karoo, #South #Africa. Looking at this photo and you can't help but feel some of the #Karoo calm.
a white house with black shutters on the front door and steps leading up to it
#CapeDutch style home in South Africa. Double Dutch doors and shuttered windows. White stucco gable details. Inspiration!
two ostriches are running on the sand with their wings spread out and feet in the air
astralia on Tumblr
ostriches running
a white house with a thatched roof next to the ocean and flowers in front of it
Arniston, South Africa. I know it's not actually Cape Town, but a place close to my heart.
two small meerkats standing in the middle of a dry grass covered field
See dear, over there will be the garden, and over there the kitchen.......
an image of a flower being displayed on the instagram page for people to see
I am obsessed with this flower!! King Protea, can we have one of these in my bridal bouquet please??