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I roll my eyes "hals is a slut, michael is a dick, and their son is fucking worthless" I look at my phone and roll my eyes-josh

Be grateful that we have an angel

*tyler voice* excuse me. can you please leave (no actually don't leave stay with me daddy ily)

Got an undercut pixie!! I looove it!

Since pixie haircut is very popular among women why not change a bit of your pixie cut? In this post you will find Short Funky Pixie Hairstyle that make you

true though

more like election day. god today sucked i hate politics wiht a burning passion<<yeah

Twenty one pilots

I like TØP, but I don't like donuts, it's the truth, I only like frosted donuts that don't have as much frosting as everything else

Everything Tyler and Josh say are meaningful. Take kitchen sink for example, the sink is a metaphor.<<< that is true some are a lot easier to get then others too


BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR XD<< making period jokes about the name makes me smile c:<<<<what why>>>I love everything about this especially cuz I like the real bands.

Why is this so true..

At the Disco, Fall-Out Boy, Twenty-One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, and Troye Sivan