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dan and phil | Tumblr

Not only is this literally the cutest thing ever, but he didn't actually know the camera was rolling during this and he was still being an adorable soft llama << I just watched this video, (Japan Haul) and I replayed this part about five times.

dan howell | Tumblr

The downfall of Dan Howell>>> This actual dork I can't anymore<< they reference this all the time as pulling a Dan and I'm laughing so hard


Thats my repconse but my parents wouldve locked the door and called the cops if a guy was on our porch.

Lol marzia's like no

Only pinning because of the pewds one. He's not trying too hard to be cool, he was told to do a dance for Marzia

Story inspiration

Spray to forget. Magic in a bottle. I wish I had some of this. I have to be the most misunderstood person on the planet, I would love to forget