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an iphone photo collage with two photos and some scissors on top of the phone
Smash Book. 2011 review
Use a paper clip to add an insert into a Smash book.
someone is holding up a book with some writing on it and there are trees in the background
impressionistes: Full poems coming soon @intrawars
the doodle ideas book is open to pages with drawings on them and various things drawn in
studypetals: 3.10.16+3:00pm // 13/100 days of productivity // made a doodling reference page for those who want to add some depth to their journals/notes! some of these are wacky but i hope you enjoy!
an open planner book with papers and pens on the pages, sitting in a binder
I love hole punching envelopes for my Filofax system... apparently so do other clever people :)
three notebooks with writing on them sitting next to each other and two pens in front of them
Dividers | #journaling #dividers #VerticalDividers
three books with different illustrations on them, one is open and the other is closed
Flip-Through (Gratitude Journal Pages) — Jenny's Sketchbook
Jenny's Sketchbook: Flip-Through (Gratitude Journal Pages) / art journal inspiration
someone is holding an open book in their hand
a person is holding an open book with pictures on it and writing on the pages
Project Life January Details
Project Life January Details by Alisa Noble. Lots of great pics. One of my goals for this year is to begin working on my journals and scrapbooks to overall create more memories.
someone is holding an open book with sticky notes on it and writing in the pages
little ghost nebula
Bullet Journal
an open book with pictures on it sitting on top of a table next to other papers
A 'Things That Made Me Smile Today' page. What a great idea for your everyday journal. Can help remind you of all the good bits - remember everyday is not as bad as some may seem...
an open book with pictures and writing on it -&nbspwildeandsocial Resources and Information.
Sophie Isobel Asher: Soul Journaling - Tips for Making the Time to Journal..
someone is holding up an open book in the middle of a park with trees and leaves
JOURNAL BLOG - crystanagahori: Seoul in love. #fall...
a notepad with writing on it that says i write because i don't know what i think until i read what i say
Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference
Why I Write - Goins, Writer: On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference
an open book with writing on it sitting on top of a table next to other books
planwithmechallenge Not a daily post but I did the unthinkablehellip