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Ok.. @plumberry15 is the craziest woman I know. But she's also seen my angry gonna kill a chick side too. So, I thought this was perfect because she would do this.

Collection of best friend quotes funny pictures. These are few funny best friend sayings on cute images. we hope you will enjoy them.

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I'm not fat, i'm just

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Not a huge fan of minions. I like when I don't have to be careful what I say. That's when you know you're with the right people. Your friends

Men say that women should come with instructions....

So we have collected best most funniest Minions Picture quotes collection, Because whatever they do they are always funny and very adorable too, So here we have some Most cool minions Quotes, We ho…

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I try to be a nice person but sometimes. Actually, I don't try to be, I am a nice person, but when I've had enough, that's when my mouth won't cooperate.


Bwahaha ♡it & ♡minions. Stay awake & plot revenge dont go to bed angry