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an image of two chat bubbles with the words delivered on them in white and blue
❦Lauren Has a Trench Coat❦
two cartoon characters are talking to each other on their cell phones, one is wearing a witches hat and the other has a cactus
the text message on the phone says sorry my battery is 60 % i gg
This guy who understands how fast a phone battery can die:
the words i'm confused here's memes written in white on a blue speech bubble
a text message that reads, i didn't say she thinks you are weird
two text messages with the words merry christmas in your present, can i have the receipt?
Do you know how many times this has been said to me in my lifetime??
Jess Nyx, Boyfriends, Funny Stuff, Bad Humor, Hope, Laughter
two text messages with the same caption in purple and white, one says, i just found out i've got homa
a bird that is sitting on top of a table next to a texting message
21 Random Memes That Might Hit A Little Close To Home
Cheezburger Image 9104304896
Retro, Intp
two text messages with one saying let's ask the magic conch if i give a fock no
Funny Pictures (I do what I want) - 25 Pics – FunnyFoto
Funny Pictures (I do what I want) – 25 Pics
Kroger Best Friends