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the outside of a wooden building with glass doors and brick walkway leading up to it
Revealed: RIBA East Midlands Awards 2016 shortlist
a kitchen and living room are separated by an open floor plan, with wood slats on the ceiling
FT Architects' 4 Columns house features a timber frame
This Japanese house features four wooden columns arranged in a square to support the rest of the timber frame.
an outdoor covered area with steps leading up to it
Youth Center In Niafourang / Project Niafourang
Youth Center in Niafourang, Senegal built in 10 weeks without electricity.
the inside of a building with wooden beams and glass covering it's walls, as seen from above
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Kengo Kuma’s temporary dwelling made from wood, plastic and magnets
an architectural model of a building made out of wooden slats and plants in the foreground
Gardenhouse Concept Architecture by Penda - Homeli
Criss-Crossing Joinery of 'Gardenhouse' with Ledges for Plants
a close up of a wooden structure with metal studs on it's side
Mountain Wood — California — Walker Warner Architects
Walker-Warner Architects - MOUNTAIN WOOD
the instagram page for instagram com shows an image of a wooden door and its reflection
Destaque na porta de entrada
Absolutely love the hinge work and solid timber door. Would make an awesome front door.
a wooden structure with metal brackets on it
Acton Ostry Architects.
an open garage door with a tractor in it
The tractor now has a shed. Images from our punch list visit on Friday now posted on our website...
a wooden structure with metal straps on it
waitomo caves visitors centre
waitomo caves visitors centre - Google Search
the inside of a wooden structure with lots of wood slats hanging from it's ceiling
Architizer: Architectural Projects and Design Interiors
Architizer features the best buildings and design interiors from today’s best architects. Publish your architectural projects today and get featured.
the ceiling is made up of wood beams and metal brackets, with a skylight above it
Building with Steel - Carpenter Oak Experts use Steel in Contruction
Create The Modern Wood House Using Steel -Carpenter Oak
a large wooden structure sitting in the middle of a park with lots of greenery
sticks by hou de sousa officially opens at socrates sculpture park in NYC
2016's theme, function, called upon participants to propose concepts in response to a range of practical issues regarding the setting, and serve as venue for educational and community programs scheduled for the season.
a pair of screws on the side of a piece of wood that has been cut in half
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Joint Connector, Small, 2-1/2" To 3-1/4"