Tuff tray

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a sign that says walk the plank next to two tires with an alligator on it
Pirate Themed Tuff Tray
a black tray with different types of food on it and the words, don't like
an outdoor table with pots and pans on it, lemon slices are arranged in the middle
Sensory Tuff Trays
a table with many different items on it and a sign in the middle that says goodbye
there are many different colored pencils and paints on the tray with ice cubes
How Educators can use Tuff Trays to invite playful learning opportunities
a tray with lots of different colored plastic toys on top of it, and an instagram post about them
a tray filled with dinosaurs and plants in water
Dinosaur Sensory Swamp Tuff Tray
a black and white tray on top of a bed with polka dot sheets in it
Tuff Spot Play – Painting With Trains
a tray that has some items on it and is decorated like a t - shirt