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a woman sitting on top of a table wearing black boots and plaid pants with her hand under her chin
Retro cool girl inspo album
black and white photograph of woman in high heeled boots with man standing behind her
Françoise Hardy et Jacques Dutronc : leur grande histoire d'amour en images [photos] - Télé Star
a woman in a short gold dress is standing next to a man wearing a police uniform
French singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy, 1960s
French singer-songwriter Françoise Hardy, 1960s
a room filled with lots of different colored confetti falling from the ceiling to the floor
Current Obsessions: The Green Life - Gardenista
Current Obsessions: The Green Life. Installation by Rebecca Louise Law
a woman standing on top of a stage next to drums
black and white photo of two women with large earrings on their heads, one smiling at the camera
Edie Sedgwick. American heiress and Andy Warhol Superstar. Serious and smiling…
a woman in white dress holding a microphone
DIY Style for Creative Fashionistas
Debbie Harry Pretty baby! You look so heavenly! A neo nebula from under the sun
a woman with blonde hair wearing a black top
Debbie Harry, 1979. I have a similar dress I am proud to say! :)
a black and white photo of a woman with long blonde hair wearing a sheer top
Debbie Harry #sheertop
a woman in tights holding a microphone and standing on stage with her legs crossed
Blondie - Debbie Harry