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a woman sitting on a couch in a living room next to a potted tree
How to Make a Stunning DIY Faux Tree That Looks Real
Learn how to create a gorgeous indoor faux tree at home. This DIY project is perfect for a weekend activity!
a person using a cordless drill to trim a tree with a screwdriver
DIY Faux Tree - Get the Look for Much Less - Chris Loves Julia
the before and after photos of a faux tree
How to Update a Faux Ficus Tree • Thrift Store Makeover • DIY • Look for Less • Thrift Flip
a living room with white walls and wooden flooring, plants in a wicker basket on the floor
How to Make a Fake Tree
Create a custom, beautiful, large indoor tree that requires zero maintenance for around $35. Follow these steps to make your own fake tree.
a bunch of green leaves laying on the ground next to some white tags that are attached to them
How to Make a Stunning DIY Faux Tree That Looks Real
We're sharing everything you'll need to make a DIY faux tree from the comfort of your own home.
some green plants are sitting on a white table cloth next to a pair of wooden sticks
DIY Olive Tree That Looks High-End
the back yard is covered in plastic and gravel
A Cocktail Pool or "Spool" is easier than you think to build!
an empty swimming pool surrounded by greenery
Small Plunge Pools for Your Backyard
a man sitting in an empty swimming pool
Cocktail pool is becoming the next cool project for the DIYer