Animal crossing

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an animated house in the middle of two different screens, one with a dog and another with a cat
an animal crossing game with many items in the foreground, including a house and trees
an image of a small wooden house surrounded by trees and other things in the background
Bamboo Home
an aerial view of a small house in the middle of a forest with lots of potted plants
animal crossing
an animated scene with two different scenes in the same room, one showing a bridge over a pond
there are four pictures of different trees and furniture in the same area, each with an umbrella over it
an image of a forest scene with animals and mushrooms
an image of a forest scene with animals and trees
two pictures of trees, bushes and flowers in the same area with steps leading up to them
an animated farm scene with animals and flowers in the foreground, trees on the far side
two pictures of an island in the middle of water with trees and animals on it
acnh_diary (@lo_from_lumos) on X
this is an image of a cartoon scene with animals and people in the park,