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Kiwiana Tea Towel :: This tea towel is 100% cotton and is designed and printed in New Zealand. It has typically New Zealand food and sayings printed on it.

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Slate Plate Word Art :: Beautiful, natural & practical slate plates...they're all the trend in Europe and destined for success here. There are 4 options - 1 plain and 3 distinctly New Zealand designs. Designed and sand-blasted here in New Zealand.

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Buzzy Bee is a small pull along child's toy. It was produced in massive numbers in the 1950-80's. Made from wood with small springs for the antennae. When pulled along by the string it would click and the wings would rotate. It was a favourite with generations of New Zealand children and many grandparents still buy one for their mokopuna today. Unfortunately the toy is now manufactured overseas and some parts are now plastic.