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the instructions for how to make a keychain that looks like a ball and chain
Chainmail Dice Holder
a silver pendant with pearls on a leather cord
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a necklace that has been made to look like a circle with gold chains on it
black and gold chainmaille necklace
a metal keychain that has been made to look like a chainmail on it
Chainmaille keychain fob. Mild steel and copper rings. Captured steelball in euro 4 in 1.
a metal object sitting on top of a table next to a blue piece of luggage
a silver necklace with gears and chains hanging from it's center on a mannequin head
instructions for how to assemble a dnd dice keychain with metal links and hooks
a silver necklace on a gray surface with a chain hanging from it's center
Stainless steel 2 in 2 weave necklace....just because!