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there are many plates hanging on the wall
"An Undulating Presence" by artist Susan Benarcik
recycled cardboard art - Google Search How fun would it be to have the kids paint the tubes colors
four pictures of paper cut out of horses and riders in a cup with the lid open
12 Amazing Things Made With Cardboard Tubes - Oddee
French painter and collage artist Anastassia Elias creates tiny scenes with paper inside cardboard toilet paper tubes. Anastassia uses paper the same color as the cardboard tubes to build up the intricate pictures of people, which gives the illusion that the scene taking place inside the walls are actually part of the roll itself. The models, which sell for £90 each, come alive when light is shined through the roll from one end. The details and depth of each piece is impressive.
the instructions for how to make an origami zebra from toilet paper and scissors
two pictures with different types of paper crafts on them, one has a butterfly and the other is a toilet roll
Cardboard tube butterfly craft for kids to make! Perfect for spring or summer. Use toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. #craftsforkidstomake
an organized shoe rack in the corner of a room
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"We really had a problem storing our shoes. My hubby is a skaterboy and has a shoe collection that is incomparable to ...... "
the toy garage toilet paper roll is open and ready to be put into its box
Car garage made from toilet rolls and cardboard boxes - Bystre Dziecko
DIY toy garage made from toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes - toilet paper roll crafts for kids
a toilet paper roll rudolph the red nose reindeer craft for kids to make and play with
Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer Kid Craft
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Kid Craft using toilet paper roll. Great handprint kid craft for Christmas.
toilet paper roll christmas tree ornament made out of green wrapping paper and colored dots
Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Craft
Upcycle your toilet paper rolls into this fun and easy Christmas craft or ornament for kids to make.
several wooden nutcrackers are lined up on a table
Nutcrackers made from paper towel rolls...may try this year for Christmas project and read the Nutcracker!
cardboard tube spider craft for kids to make
Cardboard Tube Spider Craft for Halloween
Make these fun and spooky spiders out of cardboard tubes.It's a fun and easy kids Halloween craft.
toilet paper roll bat craft for halloween
Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft for Kids
Toilet Paper Roll Bat Art Project #Halloween craft for kids |
a large telescope sitting on top of a wooden stand in the grass next to a fence
Homemade 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope
Homemade 12.5 inch Dobsonian Telescope
the diagram shows different types of screws
best simple DIY Telescope
four different views of paper cut out animals and people in a bowl, with one person holding an ornament
Anastassia Elias
we might just need to make one of these very cool little telescope diorama things!
a large elephant made out of plastic bottles
Elephant Made Out Of 6000 Recycled Cardboard Tubes • Recyclart