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the queen grace logo on a red background with an image of a cartoon character wearing a crown
April Character Illustration - Queen Gracey Graze
MEET QUEEN GRACEY GRAZE... Inspired by Kristen from @graceandgrazenz who is the Queen of grazing platters for all events. From workshops to weddings, Kristen is your go to for not only good food, but also beautifully styled platters and tables for all events. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
an orange cell phone with a heart on it's head and the words best advert
April Character Illustration Challenge - Mr O'Heart
MEET MR O'HEART... He monitors your heart to make sure you stay well and that you look after yourself. He knows when you are excited and when you need to rest. You can take him with you on your journey to roof top gardens and new friends. He is Mr O'Heart, your heart loving friend! Inspired by my Dad's mobile heart monitor, that is looking out for him in this season of rest. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a cartoon character with books on his back and the words mr literature dummyy written above it
April Illustration Character Challenge - Mr Literary Luminary
MEET MR LITERARY LUMINARY... Who here is a bit of a bookworm? If you are looking for a great book and are local to Tauranga, head downtown to @booksaplentynz and see the lovely people there ready to serve you and your literary needs. Mr Literary Luminary evokes the image of someone who not only loves books but also shines brightly in their knowledge and passion for literature, and you will defiantly find that at @booksaplentynz.
a red video game controller with the words miss webweaver
April Illustration Challenge - Miss Web Weaver
MEET MISS WEB WEAVER... Inspired by my kids game controllers. All the buttons reminded me of eyes, which then make me think of a spider with all the eyes staring at you. Spiders and cockroaches I do not deal with, that is the hubby's job. I get rid of the slimy slugs and worms, so it's a win, win! #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
an elephant sticker with the words mr hosephant on it's face
April Illustration Challenge - Mr Hosephant
MEET MR HOSEPHANT... Your lovable character that loves to spray water EVERYWHERE! You can hear (and see) him from a mile away with those bright red shoes on. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a green t - shirt with an image of a dinosaur and the words mr staplesaws on it
April Illustration Challenge - Mr Staplesaurus
MEET MR STAPLESAURUS... He's a cute wee fellow ready to stamp his mark wherever he goes. He may look sweet but those teeth can leave a lasting impression. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a cartoon character holding a laptop with the words'miss marketing maven'on it
April Illustration Challenge - Miss Marketing Maven
MEET MISS MARKETING MAVEN... She helps take the guess work out of your marketing while educating you with her strategy genius. No business is too big, no audience is too small for Miss Marketing Maven! Inspired by @themarketingloungenz #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
Branding | Illustration | Graphic & Web Design
Day 8 of my April Illustration Challenge and today we get to meet Mr Hangster. The cool gangster who loves to hang out with you all! #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
an orange mug with the words,'mrs morning glory '
April Illustration Challenge - Mrs Morning Glory
MEET MRS MORNING GLORY... The perfect cup of coffee to begin the day, with your favourite mug and coz slippers, ready to work from the comfort of your home. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a pink background with an image of a pair of shoes hanging on a hanger
April Illustration Challenge - Mr Hangster
MEET MR HANGSTER... Inspired by a clothing hanger, this guy is chill vibes all day long and loves to hang out! #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
an image of a cartoon character with the words mr blue gluu on it
April Illustration Challenge - Mr Blue Flu
MEET MR BLUE FLU... Inspired by a box of tissues, it's coming into flu season and I would ideally like to stay away from feeling like how Mr Blue Flu looks. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a yellow pencil with eyes and legs sticking out of it's end, in front of the words mr bubble
April Illustration Challenge - Mr Duudle
MEET MR DUUDLE... He is a real cool dude who loves to chill and doodle all day. Wherever he may be he can see characters or something that catches his eye to draw. #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
a magnifying glass with the words miss sweet cheeks on it's face
April Illustration Challenge - Miss Sweet Cheeks
MEET MISS SWEET CHEEKS... Inspired by Miss Maria from @sweetbabykitchen, today's character is based of Maria's beautiful cookies (along with all her other amazing baked goodies!), her sweet eyes and she gives the best hugs! #illustrationchallenge #illustration #characterdrawing #graphicdesign #nzgraphicdesigner
Character Illustration Challenge
Day 1 of my April Illustration Challenge, where I will be creating a character for each day in April from an item found in my house or outside. Would love to hear your thoughts on these cute little characters!
Illustration for Labels
Cute illustration that will be coming to a cute label soon