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especially when you name is Amber Day the herpes infested husband stealing cunt whore! just sayin~

But you keep trying to cover it up with all that make up. Do everyone a favor and go have a makeover so you learn how to apply it properly and cover up those f'ing wrinkles!

Check out StaySharp Productions on ReverbNation

Check out StaySharp Productions on ReverbNation

Fuck off!

I wish I could print this and hang it on my desk. And have it as an automatic email response to the people that piss me off at work the most.

Willy Wonka

I wish more people realized this about me. I definitely don't sugar coat anything. Take it or leave it.

haha cry me a river #ecards #humor #lol

haha cry me a river-- I'm so over you crazy shit, get over it already.

lol #girly #ecards #humor

Have you seen the size of your own Vagina? You can make a clear u - turn with an…

Your e-card humor is a way to make your day.

Telling an angry women to calm down works about as we'll as baptizing a cat!


ecards hope you like my new recipe they're called shut the fucupcakes funny cupcakes baking rude fuck