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Country Love Crafts - Crystal Glazes Ceramic Pottery Supplies.

From plain to pattered. Decorated desk game using #Decopatch paper and decoupage glue. #Tic-tac-toe (or noughts and crosses, Xs and Os). #Duncan #Bisque #Ceramics

Ceramic Decorating Inspiration, Guides and Tutorials by Duncan Ceramics. These great projects (and others) can found online on Duncan Ceramics's website. There is a great assortment of product information, related projects (step-by-step instructions) and guides to help you achieve stunning results when decorating pottery ceramics. Enjoy!

Duncan Ceramics. Noughts and crosses paint your own pottery set. Large desk game available in the UK (in bisque) from Country Love Crafts.

Pencil rubber dot plate using our reusable heart silhouette, a ceramic bisque pottery plate and Duncan Ceramics Concepts Underglaze.

DIY Wet Paper Stencil Template on Ceramic Pottery. Cut out the lettering or artwork. Soak the paper cut outs in water. Paint a slightly thinned layer of underglaze on your bisque (if you don’t have a basecoat, the paper templates won’t stick as the bisque is too porous). We used white. Place the wet paper in position and gently paint over a paper cut outs (be careful not to move the paper).