Water Arm

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a black and white drawing of a sea shell on a diamond shaped background with the words,
a woman's arm with an octopus tattoo on it and some circles around her
a black and white drawing of two fish in a circular design on a black background
a black and white drawing of a fish
Mesmerizing Animals Emerge from Elaborate Swirls of Ink
'Fish' - Mesmerizing animals emerge from elaborate swirls of black ink in artwork by Si Scott. He calls this series 'Resonate.'
a clock with words written in different languages
Maps In The Stars: How Polynesians Used Celestial Navigation To Become The Best Explorers In The World — TRILOGY CAPTAIN'S LOG
Hawaiian Star Compass
a phone case with an image of a fish and flowers on the front, in pastel pink
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I LOVE Norman Duenas!
a tattoo on the arm with an image of a blue wave and a white circle
Subtle And Beautiful Water Tattoos That Your Inner Mermaid Will Love
Water ocean watercolor tattoos