Courtenay Van Maastricht

Courtenay Van Maastricht

Courtenay Van Maastricht
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I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids

Lesson Plans 1 I Wish My Teacher Knew. classroom exercise that went viral, a guide for educators and the community on how to understand children better, build trust, and learn about the challenges the

Greek Democracy Role Cards

Role cards for simulation of Greek democracy. Roles include Greek citizen, citizen's wife, metic, and slave. I pass out these role cards and have students make

Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 1 ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Punctuation cheat-sheet: yes, this would be great for the classroom, but I also wish that everyone in the English-speaking world would read and reference.

Sticky note poster

Sticky note poster - would be great to shrink and have students glue into their reading notebooks. My kids use post its all the time!

Opinion sentence starters. Being able to formulate, explain and defend an opinion is one of the best skills we can teach our students.

Opinion sentence starters- I would create a chart displaying these sentence starters for opinion writing pieces, then refer to these when modeling how to write an opinion piece. Students could use these to start their opinion writing piece.