The Art of Living Courageously Free Podcast

The Art of Living Courageously Free Podcast showcases entrepreneurs 3 times a week. Enjoy the stories of their journey and learn from their practical advice. ** Includes bonus episodes.
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030 - From Cheerleader to Millionaire Following Her Heart - Kelly Roach - Unstoppable Success Radio

“If you don’t like something in your life or you don’t like the way you feel, it’s up to you to change your circumstances.” It’s this attitude that has taken Kelly from the victim mindset as a chil…

028 – What the Goverment Isn’t Telling Business Owners – Cherry Fajardo – Dare to Live. Dare to Be Free

Cherry not only talks about incentives and benefits the government has for small to medium business owners, she breaks down a few processes to give you practical advice on your entrepreneurial or p…

027 – How to Create Authenticity in Your Business – Shawna Pelton

Creating authenticity in any area of your life, including business is to not only understand your gifts and talents, but to USE them. Shawna’s personal transformation after addiction and trag…

026 – Failure is Utterly Inevitable – Eric Shapiro –

In order to succeed, you must continue to fail forward. Enjoy this episode as ghostwriter and filmmaker Eric Shapiro talks about his journey to success by going through many rejections.

025 – How to Plan Your Year – Di Downie – A High Heels Paradox

Di Downie bares all by giving you an alternative solution to “Planning Your Year”. (Keep your ears open and notice some of the paradoxes in this episode) No… I didn’t trick …

022 – How Your Online Boutique Store Can Thrive – Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

Having a killer business idea doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make it. Marketing your product is a key step to your businesses success. Enjoy Akilah’s episode as she gives you the…

023 – Stay Scared, but Keep Doing This – Derrick Kwa – Passion Blueprint

Just because you’re successful, doesn’t mean you don’t get scared. There are always those moments where you feel a bit nervous or unsure. So, what makes someone more successful th…

024 – An Innovative Approach to Business – Di Downie – A High Heels Paradox

From country girl to CEO of 7 businesses and two time author, Di Downie gives advice from her years of insight and experience on all levels. She has a very holistic approach to business and her uni…

[Bonus] New Years Resolution Holiday Special

[Bonus] New Years Resolution Holiday Special

018 – Don’t Burn Your Bridges – Kunal Jain – Your Local Cousin

Wall Street guru turned entrepreneur and founder of travel site “Your Local Cousin” gives solid advice about transitioning from the to the entrepreneur lifestyle.