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A blazer instantly upgrades a pair of denim cutoffs in that so unexpected, so cool that I wish I thought of that french cool-girl way. So yeah, basically it’s everything you want in a casual …

Your endless search for the perfect-fitting pair of denim shorts has finally come to an end. Now, the struggle to pick between seven different perfect pairs of shorts has begun. Sorry, not sorry! Rosa Denim + Friends Jeans People Jeans & Bone


Anita, ||Basel||Paris||Padova||Utrecht||Innsbruck|| I love trains, I love planes, I love places that are in between. I love city lights, coffee places, I love mountains and seas. I guess I am a nostalgic soul. I am happy about every new follower.


Love, affection and attention must be freely given and openly received for it to work out. You can pour love on someone but if they don't want it there is no amount of love or affection that will change that. Hard to remember but good to know. ♡

Aligns with William Bridges model. Please ensure you identify and process the ending. Too often I've seen leaders gloss over what is 'ending' for the employees and then wonder why there is resistance to the 'new'. Trust.

Another pinner wrote: There comes a time when you just have to stop letting others who don't make you a priority control you, sometimes you just have to stop caring so much and put more focus on yourself and the people in your life who give you their all.