Moist Feijoa Loaf. Yummy and I have a big bowl of Feijoas to use.

Moist Feijoa Loaf

Foodlovers recipe to make a moist feijoa loaf that you will love.

Feijoa Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting - PhD Baker

Well I’m back. Not at yet but I have completed my first solo baking project which is a very good sign. I always knew it would take a little while to get back into the kitchen after havin…

A #Kiwi cake with a chocolatey twist, Chocolate #Feijoa Cake

Chocolate Feijoa Cake - previous Pinner > I tried feijoas in New Zealand and they smell and taste almost like bubblegum. This cake would be delicious if I could only get hold of some Feijoas!

Feijoa Crunch Muffins

Everybody is searching for the perfect Feijoa recipe, well this is it!

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