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Domain 5 - Assessment & Assistive Technology

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The assessment section looks at Assessment terms and definitions, different tools and models of assessment and the different approaches to assessment. It also looks at IEP's. The second part looks at AT assessments and AT for communication, reading, writing, hearing and vision.

Assistive technology for kids with LD: An overview

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SETT - Student, Environment, Tasks, Tools. SETT Documents/framework are intended to promote collaborative decision-making tool in all phases of AT service design and delivery from consideration through implementation and evaluation of effectiveness.

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Reading from Domain 5 I will be referring back to as I need more time to process them in more depth.

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A quick reference to direct colleagues and teachers too if they are wanting to discover more about CoPs - the computerised assessment of dyslexia.

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A resource from the readings on moodle I need to go back to to deepen my knowledge and understanding in this area.

Autism Apps that have a research rating. Clearly identifies learning area they support, the platform the apps are used on, the age of students that benefit from using the apps and the supporting research. A future reference for myself and colleagues/teachers/professionals I work alongside. pluginfile.php 6848 mod_book chapter 8689 DEECD_iPad_support_booklet_for_special_education.pdf

An extensive of apps that can be helpful to students with dyslexia, parents of dyslexics, and professionals who work with dyslexics. A resource worth sharing. Apps chosen are proven to help dyslexic students in ways that are in line with evidence-based practice.

A reference I will share with colleagues/teachers and professionals I work with as there is a wide range of apps to support special needs students. I want to come back to this when I have the time to look closely at the apps and to consider the enablers and barriers of them. The apps range from visual supports, autism apps, speech therapy, behaviour, foundational skills, and early language development. A great resource for my context.