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three pictures showing how to make handprinted cookies
Salt Dough Santa Handprint | 20+ DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make
there are many pictures of glass jars with animals in them, and one has a giraffe on it
GrrrlHub | Women's Magazine for (by) Unapologetic Women
Homemade snow globes - what fun for the kidlets
three blue christmas ornaments with snowmen on them
Great kid craft
a hand holding a christmas ornament with reindeer's face on it
20 minute crafter-reindeer thumbprint ornaments
Awesome kid craft ornament! Gonna take this supplies to my daughters preschool! Much better then making Xmas goodie bags!
a red ornament with three snowmen on it and the name brayden
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These would be neat to do every year. I think I'll do AK one this year.
three different snow globes are shown with penguins in them and one has a penguin on it
Holiday (Xmas) crafts for the kids - can use for cool Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, Easter. The possibilities are endless.
the handprint calendar is filled with different colors and designs for each child's hands
Its hard to find crafts for infants but I think this might be possible
there are three glass jars with animals in them
Get Inspiration for Your Project at Lowes.com
Snow Globe Jars. Great use and interesting display of all those oddsandends toy figurines I have acquired (and for some insane reason have never pitched) from three children. Could pass on to kids or even grandkids. Or just make a vignette for Xmas time.
a handprinted christmas card with santa's hat and eyeballs on it
Could do several each to take home a bundle as parting party gift?
some candy canes are sitting on a table with pins in the shape of letters
I made these when I was in Elementary school :).
two handprints with the words merry and christmas written on them
Presents for the grandmas