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DIY Puddle Duck pattern I Clever Poppy
Let’s stitch some water together in this Puddle Duck pattern! Have you tried stitching water before? I had so much fun stitching the little bubbles and learning a new technique - layering fabric.Our Puddle Duck pattern is available in our membership: 🧡🪡 #embroidery #modernembroidery #DIY #crafts #inspo
the pattern for this hedge is made with hand embroidery
Make These Patterns + More!
If you want to make these patterns, jump on the waiting list for our membership. When you join you’ll get access to our @she_the_bee pattern library🪡 :orange_heart: #embroidery #modernembroidery #embroiderydesign #embroideryartists
Relatable Embroidery Things Part 1
a cross stitch snowman on a white background with text that reads make your own fluffy snowman
Make your Own Fluffy Snowman
If you want to make this pattern, jump on the waiting list for our membership. When you join you’ll get access to our @she_the_bee pattern library🪡 :orange_heart: #embroidery #modernembroidery #embroiderydesign #embroideryartists
Beginner Embroidery Kits & Supplies I Clever Poppy
We’re back for more relatable embroidery things! 💕 Who has done one or all of these things? Let me know. 😊 #embroidery #modernembroidery #beginnerembroidery #DIY #inspo
Make Your Own Sweet Bouquet!
an embroidery project with the words learn to make bullion knotts on it
Learn How to Make Bullion Knots
Bullion Knots is quite possibly one of the most challenging embroidery techniques that I teach. So don’t worry if you find them quite hard, and you make a lot of wonky or failed knots along the way! You definitely won’t be alone.We’re not aiming to create the most flawless Bullion Knot in the world (although that would be pretty cool). We’re just here to have some fun and experiment with a new technique! #bullionknots #embroidery #modernembroidery Julie xx
Why do you create?
What does creating mean to you?Do it set your soul on fire?Allow you to switch off from the noise?Make you calm?Messy?All of the above?It’s so many different things for me. I guess cos it’s my career and passion too ☺🧘‍♀️🥰🔥 #handembroidery #mindfulness #creativity #modernembroidery
a hand embroidered butterfly is shown with the text, learn how to make blooming butterfly
Learn How To Make Blooming Butterfly
This pattern is fantastic if you're relatively new to embroidery, and you'd like to try a pattern that's slightly more challenging. Because not only does this pattern have a range of beginner stitch techniques, but you'll learn how to work petals and the butterfly's body with Satin Stitch - which is so rewarding! Julie xx
there is a small house on the tree with a ladder to climb up and down
a cross stitch pattern with the words monstera magnetic needle minder in gold and green
Monstera Magnetic Needle Minders
Have you ever lost a needle? That sinking feeling you get after you've been looking for it for a good 10 minutes can put a real dampener on your me-time. Not to mention the fear that your loved one will stand on the missing needle while walking by (eeeek!). Which is why you need a Magnetic Needle Minder... Grab your needle minder at: #needleminder #embroidery #modernembroidery
What’s your fav colour combo?
What’s your fav colour combo? Pinks and Greens? Warm? Cool? Bright? Boho? Pops of purple? Some blues in the mix? Pastels? I’d love to know ☺ Because choosing colours is one of my fav parts of designing patterns. And I want to make sure I’m hitting the spot! #embroiderypattern #floralembroidery
Make Embroidery Easy - Beginner Bundles!
Have you been thinking about starting modern embroidery, but don’t know where to begin? :thinking::thought_balloon: Our Beginners Bundles make it easy to get started in this craft! Stop umming and ahhing and pick up an embroidery needle today 🪡 :thread: I just know you are going to love this craft and find it so rewarding. Grab your own from our website. :cherry_blossom::two_hearts: #modernembroidery #progressoverperfection