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Blend a whole weeks worth of smoothies.  Freeze smoothies in a muffin tin.  Throw a couple in a cup at night and let it defrost in the fridge - boom ready to go smoothie in the morning. From Fit Sugar SUCH A GOOD IDEA

Coconut Green Smoothie Cups - Pour mixture into muffin cups. When ready for a smoothie put 1 cup of coconut water or regular water into blender with two of the green cups and blend

Make a Month of Green Smoothies in an Hour

Make a month of frozen green smoothies in an hour with this simple, customizable technique. Try these easy frozen fruit smoothie recipes for a healthy and tasty breakfast alternative, with leafy green, fruits, veggies and more to keep you energized.

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This is an excellent way to judge plate portions. Portion control is critical to long term weight control and optimized health. Check out my book on the subject. " the Pastorella Family Health Basics Weight Loss System"

Make yourself a smoothie!

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